general architectural Process 

As a registered RIBA Chartered practice the RIBA plan of work is the starting point for most projects. The plan consists of 8 work stages, 0-7. Stages 0 and 7 are normally outside the scope of required works for Consumer Clients (Domestic) and are therefore not discussed below.

1 Preparation & Brief

The preparation stage is whereby the clients briefs the architect on what they are aiming to achieve. Once a prospective client has made contact we will

We will arrange a meeting such that we can discuss the project and understand your requirments. During the meeting we will listen to your requirments in terms of space or any other parameters that you have.

During the initial meeting it is use full to establish the target build budget, i.e. what budget is available for the build cost.

Time: Most construction projects will take circa 6 - 9 months to get onto site plus the construction time wish may vary between 3 months for a modest extension through to 12 months for a new build house.

Once we have been commissioned and we are in a position to commence the works a measured survey will be conducted of the existing site and any buildings.

2 concept design

This is the first design stage and where we will convert the brief into design proposals. Depending on the complexity of the project and brief this stage may take many hours to complete.

3 developed design

On domestic scale projects we will formalise the concept drawings into a package suitable for submission to the Local Athourity Development Control.

4 technical design

as specalists in residential design we will prepare documents that are suitable for obtaining quotations from prospective contractors. The documents prepared will be dependent on the scale of the project, as a guide we will normally prepare General Arrangment Drawings including Plans Sections and Elevations of the to illustrate the proposals and we may also prepare demolitions plans, schedules, mechanical and electrical drawings, room data sheets, general specifications for building control and where required detailed NBS specifications